July 28, 2003
i don’t know what this is
I just recieved an e-mail with a subject line that says "Are you one of THEM???". In the shower yesterday I came up with a great tune called "I Want To Stab You In The Eye With A _______________" except I don't remember the tune and now I don't even remember what the last part of the title/only lyric was. It was really catchy though. I used a light box (it's just my lamp under a clear box. Have you seen the prices for lightboxes? They're like $50) for the first time last night and it pleases me that the ink isn't all lighter due to erasing and that I can just trace over preliminary sketches instead of making a half-assed reproduction of a really good sketch (a lot of "Stickman"s suffer from this), but I'm worried that somehow I will cause a fire like this one time in 1998 or 1999 when I put metal in the microwave and all these flames came. On a related note what the hell do they call those landscaping statue things? Oh and here is a list of words that rhyme with "rubber cat" and since you seem to like clicking on links so much you should look at this flash called "Fly Guy" as well as this flash made by SA Forums poster CornBeef, who made that "rubber cat" gif you all know and love<
July 26, 2003
So if you read From Here To Insanity, then you might remember this fake news article from the October/November 2002 issue entitled "Tacky, Ill-Advised September 11 Film To Be Released in 2026". Now here's the funny part: SOMEONE ACTUALLY DECIDED TO MAKE THIS MOVIE.

DC 9/11 examines Bush's trial by fire
Showtime docudrama of terrorist attacks 'not a soap opera;' producer looks at White House leadership during crisis

The American channel Showtime will make a little bit of history in September when it premieres DC 9/11: Time of Crisis, a movie about how the White House reacted to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Timothy Bottoms portrays U.S. President George W. Bush in the docudrama, which includes "inferred dialogue" and may be the first ever made about a sitting president.

Source: http://www.canada.com/edmonton/edmontonjournal/story.asp?id=1B8BF944-4A7C-4928-9C3D-4FC4677119D1

Well it looks like I'm some sort of modern-day Nostradamus because someone had the gall to go and make a movie about a tragedy less than three years after the tragedy occurred. Fantastic. But that's not all.. look at this! It stars... the guy who played Bush on "That's My Bush" as President Bush! Edie Inksetter as "Weeping Soldier"! Captain Sulu as Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta! And Sherry Palmer as Condoleezza Rice! Boy oh boy does this sound like fun

July 22, 2003

Oh hello there, friends! I returned Saturday night from the San Diego Comic Con, where various people from across the country made asses of themselves by dressing up in costumes! Oh, and I got the first e-mail in a series of potentially thousands alerting me to the shocking fact that my website is not listed on some search engines. On a related note, here is my catcphrase list for the next month:

The following catchphrases have been approved for my usage for the month from July 22 to August 22, 2003.

  • lool
  • That is the way we do things in Mexico, baby!
  • Please die in a horrible butter accident
  • So uh are there going to be any new Futurama episodes
  • suicide yourself
  • what crazy ideas will the fruit rollups factory roll out with next?
  • Oh ho ho!
July 14, 2003
I have returned with TEN new "Hog and Dog"s! That's right, 10, the largest Hog and Dog update ever! Here is a sneak preview!
Doesn't that look exciting????? Go to the pictures section and check them out!
July 12, 2003

I found a couple of screenshots from my old computer, which I have put into a gallery called, interestingly enough, "A Couple of Screenshots I Found On My Old Computer". Also, I made a couple of "Hog and Dog" comics but I'm waiting until I finish more before posting them. I think 5 or 7 is a good number. Eventually I will get around to changing the green text in the latest 5 to black.

July 10, 2003

In the meantime please look at this picture of Ghandi for your amusement:

Also I made a snazzy new logo (see above) as well as one for the insanity.rubbercat.net page (which I'll get around to one of these days).

August/September 2003 issue and The From Here To Insanity Volume Five Anthology still in production.

July 5, 2003
Never you fear, friend! There are 5 MORE "Hog and Dog"s in the pictures section!!! That is the way we do things in Mexico, baby!!
July 4, 2003
July 2, 2003
One of the girls that I pranked via instant messenger last issue in my magazine IMed me a little while ago.

SJsoccerchic: Dig bury me underneath
Everything that I was slowly changing
Wish you were committing
Suicide suckin' on a mother fuckin' tailpipe
Dead man dangling from a tight rope
Limbless in the middle of a channel bombs away
me: who are you
SJsoccerchic: UR GOD
SJsoccerchic: BOW DOWN TO ME
me: oic
SJsoccerchic: LOLZ
SJsoccerchic: haha

On a related note, I was bored so I decided to review comic strips. It's in the text section.