June 30, 2004
help i am losing at minesweeper
June 25, 2004
conspiracy guy
June 21, 2004
happy birthday rubbercat.net
Today is rubbercat.net's first birthday! Hooray!
June 20, 2004


plz stay calm we are working on an antedote ok

perhaps if we continue making dull sub-plots for you, we can bore the virus out

Mr. President, I've just recieved word that your girlfriend may have committed perjury, a reporter may go forward with an allegation that your son might have been involved in a coverup seven years ago, the head of the NSA is plotting against you, you might be dealing with faulty intelligence, your ex-wife is not trustworthy, your biggest contributor is threatening to stop legislation, and you are no longer the president because the cabinet has invoked the 26th Amendment.

hooray it worked


June 18, 2004
There was this commerical from, like, a couple years ago, and it has these kids and they're in like Mexico or some poor country and anyway, they are talking about Coca-Cola (because Coca-Cola is apparently an exotic delicacy in that country) and one of them asks "What do you think it tastes like?" and this other kids goes "My dad says it is like kissing a girl" and then this pick-up truck comes and they have this crate of Coca-Cola and the people in the truck gives it to the kids and the second kid starts drinking some and the first kid says something like : "Well, does it?" and the second kid goes "I sure hope so!" and then this music starts and it's all heartwarming and touching and all that jazz.

I really, really, hate that commercial.

June 13, 2004
Auto response from rubbercat.net: I am away from my computer right now.
June 11, 2004
  • "Hog and Dog" #86-95 are up
  • I am slowly going back and re-doing all "Hog and Dog"s backwards from #73-1 so that they are the current size, and not XBox-sized like they used to be, because they are horrendously large and this might conserve bandwidth. Can YOU find all the differences between the originals and the re-sized versions?
  • "Artwork" Gallery 1
  • "Ask the Experts" in the From Here To Insanity section is up now, and should be updated every month. Don't forget to send in questions!!!
June 6, 2004

WHERE IS THE VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not telling you lol ;-)

listen buddy either u tell me where the virus is or else i'm going 2 harm ur daughter >:-(

ok i will tell u


the virus is inside the president