May 12, 2010

catboxI have a pretty low opinion of comment sections, and I don't like to think of this page as a blog, which is why I don't have comment sections on individual posts (plus, I don't think seeing "0 comments" over and over would be good for morale). As far as I'm concerned, is a one-way conduit of information, with none of this participation horsewash. But I figured there should be at least one interactive thing, so since the site's inception I've included a guestbook (technically "shoutbox" but let's call it what it really is), which about ten or eleven of you have used. Originally I used a shoutbox from some German or Danish site which eventually broke or something, which I then replaced by a nicer one which I somehow accidentally deleted a couple days ago while tinkering around with things. After testing Google Friend Connect and something called Intense Debate (both of which suck, fyi) I've replaced it with DISQUS, which is very nice, allows you to sign in with twitter or facebook (there was also an openid option which I disabled because wtf) and best of all was free. Only drawbacks: there's some useless cruft (who in the world has ever subscribed to an rss feed for a comment section??) that I can't seem to get rid of, and there's no smileys :-O

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