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very tall slender man
In the annual Dia de los Muertos special, Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse tell each other three spine-tingling stories:
Dead Poochie: Roger Meyers, Sr.'s severed head shows Bart a "lost" episode of Itchy & Scratchy.
Very Tall Man: A mysterious paranormal figure stalks the children of Springfield in his VW Beetle.
Gavin Drowned: Milhouse is convinced his copy of Bonestorm is haunted.

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Wait, you guys did a whole episode about crossword puzzles and I didn't even get a cursory mention? No, I'm not mad, I'm just... I'm just tired of being this obscure throwaway reference, you know? When is it going to be my time to shine?

Langdon Alger, Peripheral Strangers

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During the writers' strike, the voice actors were forced to improvise an entire season of episodes.

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