season 29 episode guide

This is the guide to the upcoming episodes of Season Twenty Nine of the Simpson T.V. Show. Wow 29 Seasons... that is a LOT of freaking seaosns... G*d D*mn....

2017 - 2018

amazon grace
Martin Prince is shocked when he discovers his mother, Diana, is secretly having an illicit affair with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
the sauce code
Homer abandons his family to search for a rare chicken nugget sauce. Meanwhile, Lisa is dismayed when her music teacher Mr. Largo is replaced by a Hans Zimmer robot.
Cornucopia of Consternation XXVIII
In the show's annual trilogy of Thanksgiving-themed stories, the Simpsons are reimagined as Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving, Bart turns into a balloon, and Homer takes a tryptophan-induced nap and awakens in a dystopian future ruled by giant turkeys.
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