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time toasterDid everyone in the tech industry just completely give up in 2008? Nobody's bothering to make the next Twitter, they're too busy making applications that allow people to twitter from places that aren't Google and Yahoo! are insistent on awkwardly trying to turn their sites into social networks. The newest Apple device is a big version of their previous device. It's 2010, shouldn't all the crazy new shit should be coming out this year?
palin shrugbarack obama is such a dummy, he uses a teleprompter

*adjusts script*

*literally reads talking points written on hand*

movable type migration status

this attraction is being refurbished for your enjoyment

Nothing makes me feel quite as inept as trying to install a new blog engine and deal with mysql databases and shit. Things are moving smoothly now, I guess. The important stuff is configured and things look pretty snazzy (which is to say, it looks identical). Now all I have to do is solve a bunch of mysteries such as "Why is there a damn line under this picture?" and "Why aren't these link anchors working correctly?" Not sure if I should import all the previous posts from Blogger (if I can figure out how the hell this thing works).

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Dear FTP user:

You are receiving this e-mail because one or more of your blogs at are set up to publish via FTP. We recently announced a planned shut-down of FTP support on Blogger Buzz (the official Blogger blog), and wanted to make sure you saw the announcement. We will be following up with more information via e-mail in the weeks ahead blah blah blah blah

I have to switch to movable type or whatever




late night wars

Jay Leno, much like Adolf Hitler,

I'm not fond of Jay Leno, but geez!

conan bye
democratic convention

WELP, the republicans got a 41-seat majority, time to abandon everything

late night wars

Jeff Zucker, the NBC executive who masterminded the whole Tonight Show succession plan, was on Charlie Rose the other day:

JEFF ZUCKER: People calling me names in the big scheme of things and people delivering death threats over a program moving back a half-hour is really incredibly out of context when you think about what you were just talking about.

CHARLIE ROSE: Death threats over moving the program back?

JEFF ZUCKER: Yes. It's been crazy. But that's OK.

boo hoo baby got a death threat wah wah wah

you don't want to know what i had to do to get those futurama movies greenlit

late night wars

team coco
team mussolini

Hey let's all pretend this isn't weird

late night wars

CONAN’S $40 MILLION NBC GOODBYE: SETTLEMENT NOT DONE BUT CLOSE; MAYBE SATURDAY; Zucker Threatened To Ice Conan! Said ’’I’ll Keep You Off The Air For 3 1/2 Years’’; Team Conan Counters: ’’This Will End Up In Front Of A Judge If NBC Doesn’t Wise Up’’; NBC Boasts O’Brien’s Ratings Up; Secret Negotiator

Does Nikki Finke understand how headlines are supposed to work???

late night wars

Whoa hey check out this New York Times article from 1992, when NBC was debating whether to drop Jay Leno from The Tonight Show after only six months and replace him with David Letterman:

Jay Leno, expressing what he called "surprise and disappointment" with NBC executives, said yesterday that he believed his performance as the host of the "Tonight" show should have more than satisfied the network and that he did not deserve to be threatened with losing the leading show in late-night television to David Letterman.
"I am disappointed," Mr. Leno said. "I feel like a guy who has bought a car from somebody, painted it, fixed it up and made it look nice and then the guy comes back and says he promised to sell the car to his brother-in-law."

Mr. Leno said he would "obviously leave NBC immediately" if the network decided to give the "Tonight" show to Mr. Letterman. He said he would absolutely refuse to do a show in the 12:30 A.M. spot now occupied by Mr. Letterman's show, "Late Night," and would indeed consider creating the same problem for NBC that Mr. Letterman's proposed deal with CBS caused.

"Would I go to CBS if they asked me?" Mr. Leno said. "Of course. I'm not going to do some little happy hour from Omaha at 12:30."

Beyond the $16 million to Mr. Letterman, NBC would have to pay Mr. Leno about $10 million if it breaks its commitment to him to be the host of "Tonight." NBC now pays Mr. Leno $3 million a year as the host of "Tonight."

"NBC is like a guy with two girlfriends who doesn't know which one he's going to marry on Jan. 15," Mr. Leno said. "And the longer you wait, the madder they both get."


ATTN: everybody - the simpsons font should  only be used for the simpsons title, simpsons credits, and life in hell comics. NOTHING ELSE. thank you.

3d landscapeI don't intend on ever seeing JAMES CAMERON'S AVATAR. I'm a little perplexed by how many people are saying "oh yeah, the story and characters were terrible but it looked so beautiful!!!" From what I've seen it looks like one of those TRIPPY 3D LANDSCAPE folders that everyone had in middle school

lookin at the dates on here is kinda givin me the willies, like they're numbers that shouldn't exist or something

will we ever get used to 2010? only time will tell....