Where does Hey Arnold! take place?

When I was a kid I just assumed Hey Arnold! took place in New York, until I noticed that the city's name is never mentioned. I figured that was the end of that chapter.... but I was wrong!

According to a bunch of fansites, it's... Hillwood City???

hillwood city hats


P.S. Speaking of Hey Arnold!, watch this monocles a-poppin

Where does Clarissa Explains It All take place?

clarissa_rapFor years, Nickelodeon afficiandos have grappled with the eternal question: where does Clarissa Explains It All take place? Fortunately, the good folks at this site have examined all the evidence:

  • In President Ferguson, we are shown a US$1 bill on which George Washington's portrait has been replaced by Ferguson's face. The serial number on the note matches the pattern G 143???33 G. The initial letter 'G' is important and provides a further clue. From a table of Federal Reserve symbols and banks, Coin World Almanac: Fifth Edition 1987 lists 'G' as being Chicago, Illinois.

  • In the episode UFO, one of the possibilities Clarissa eliminates is the "Hubble satellite". From 76.60W 39.28N (Baltimore), HST will get up to between 10 and 20 degrees above the horizon on occasion. So it should periodically be visible from Cook County (~88N,42W).

  • However, initially in "Road Trip", Clarissa states that it will be 18 hours of driving to the Grand Canyon. I would suggest that 18 hours of driving from the Grand Canyon would put you only in Nebraska somewhere, if you followed the route to the aforementioned I-80, and assuming that Marshall follows all state and federal laws concerning speed limits, at least when Janet is in the car.

  • The Darling family live in a two storey house at 44 Shadow Lane in Evanston, Illinois 60204. The street name Shadow Lane is fictitious, but the place is real enough and the producers appear to have gone to some effort to make the references authentic. This is a lakeshore suburb of Chicago, just to the north of the main downtown area.

Well there you have it folks. CASE CLOSED.
Are Mr. Tastee and Artie The Strongest Man In The World the same person?

There are a number of people out there who claim that neighborhood ice cream man Mr. Tastee from The Adventures of Pete & Pete was portrayed by none other than Toby Huss, a.k.a. Artie, The Strongest Man in the World. Well I think the following picture should put that little myth to rest once and for all.