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youtube videos

wisconsin election 2010 ELECTION RESULTS (LEAKED) (1:36)
Added September 5, 2010
Spoiler Alert!!! Here are the results of next November's midterm elections!

seymour.jpg jurassic bark (0:32)
Added January 21, 2010
Here it is... the scene from that one episode of Futurama that made a million manchildren cry...
(WARNING: salty language)

barryhillary.jpg Hopelessly Devoted to You (Barry/Hillary) (3:02)
Added June 13, 2009
Hillary loves Barry, but he likes John, but whatever Hillary does, she can't stop thinking about him; she's hopelessly devoted to Barry.

cannonball.jpg Human Cannonball at Simpsons Ride Grand Opening (USH) (1:04)
Added May 18, 2008
A 66-year old man is shot out of a cannon as a human sacrifice to a 40-foot-tall statue of Lord Krusty. Featuring guest appearance from Anna Nicole Smith's baby's father.

wonderyears.jpg wonder years (0:40)
Added June 24, 2007
I remember a place...a town...a house like a lot of other houses... A yard like a lot of other yards...on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is...after all these years, I still look back...with wonder.

simpsonsmovie.jpg Simpsons Movie Trailer (1:26)
Added November 25, 2006
This Is the latest trailer to the Upcoming Simpsons Movie. Why get a high-quality Trailer from Apple.com when you can see it Here at Youtube.

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