Hello, reader. This is a pan site dedicated to Josh "Livestock" Boruff. Who is Livestock? Livestock is a writer for the comedy website Something Awful, which brings a frown to anybody who enjoys good comedy. Anybody who is anybody agrees that he is the worst of all the writers on Something Awful although that would be quite fitting because his writing is something awful! He is an administrator on The Something Awful Forums although he spends most of his time embedding songs about hot dogs. Also he lives in Seattle and he has his very own website hosted on Tripod called The Secret Moonbase. I wish he actually did live on the moon because that way I wouldn't have to read his stupid articles.

here is a picture of livestock looking stupid
Here is a picture of Livestock's gaping maw

I appreciate your coming to visit The Boruff Barnyard.

pauuuuuul If you have stumbled onto this page looking for information on Paul Boruff then I don't know what to tell you other than that I am sorry but you are in the wrong place