In 2002, Livestock was put in charge of Photoshop Phriday, and he's been writing stupid comments above people's photoshops that nobody reads ever since. But what about his own photoshops? Let's take a look.
A Hitler joke. How original!
Looks like Livestock just found out how to outline things in Photoshop!

Could that watermark be any bigger?
Hey Livestock I don't think there are enough JPEG artifacts in this image!
Jeez, what is with this guy's hot dog obsession???

The Internest

Starting in 2005, Livestock tried his hand as making web comics. Behold, The Internest! Just look at how awful they are:

I don't think those guys over at Penny Arcade have anything to worry about.


Livestock rose to prominence with The Adventures of #86/68, a wecomic of sorts starring a football player rendered in a world made up of spastic animated gifs. The "episodes" are basically just the same thing over and over again. It was never as popular as Fireman Comics, for obvious reasons.

Here are the characters, in all their blindness-inducing glory: