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Embedded MIDI File
The World Wide Web equivalent of a tape player for when you're cruising the Information Superhighway! Forget Flash-based music players - Internet Audiophiles and Hipsters agree: MIDI is better!

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I am having a very good time!
Marquee Tag
Text that moves?! Let's see your fancy-pants print books do that! A novelty sure to delight the whole family. Includes both opening and closing tags.

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"Under Construction" Animated GIFs
Not finished with a page on your site? Decorate it with these one-of-a-kind construction-related animated GIFs! Rendered obsolete in 2001 by word "Beta".

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Image Hosted By Tripod
We don't remember what the original image was, but we're sure it was a gasser!

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Web Ring (3-Year Membership)
Forget blogrolls - this is the real deal!!! Be a part of a community with this 3-year membership to a web ring which you can proudly declare your allegiance to on your website! Purchase includes buttons, membership card and acceptance into a community of like-minded individuals.

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Simpsons GIFs (Assorted)
Aye Carumba! You won't have a cow once you get your yellow four-fingered hands over these "exx-cellent" Simpsons gifs from 1995!

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Vintage AOL Instant MessengerSM Remote
Forget Myspace! Keep in contact with your friends the original way - the AOL way!

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Blink Tag
Is the text to the left blinking? Congratulations, you're cruising with a Web 1.0-enabled browser! Stock up on blink tags now, before you're forced to upgrade!

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Balls-Related Image Macros
You too can look ironically hip with this antiquated internet meme! Set of 5 for only $0.95.

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E-Mail Animated GIFs
Encourage your site's visitors to distribute messages via "electronic mail" to contact you with these fun animated gifs!

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Fist Coming Out of Screen
HOLKY SHIT THERE'S A FIST COMING OUT OF YOUR COMPUTER!!!! Ha ha, just kidding! It's just this one-of-kind two-dimensional animated gif!

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JPEG Artifacts
We've got a million of 'em!

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Netscape Buttons
Firefox vs. IE? Whatever! These relics from Browser War I can be yours! Chicks will dig these battle scars as you support the troops in style!

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Remember when the Internet wasn't so cyncial or "ironic," when it represented the free exchange of ideas rather than serving as just another medium for corporations to exploit an unsuspecting public in a never-ending quest to swindle another buck for the soulless pursuit of profit? Neither do we! Rendered obsolete on 9/11.

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When it comes to reader interaction, comment sections and trackbacks are for losers! Don't be a square - get a guestbook!

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Fake Hit Counter
Advertisers and potential clients alike will be impressed when they see how popular your webpage is! But here's the secret: it's a trick!!!

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