November 7, 2009
rainbow tunnel As you may know, Geocities closed down on October 26th, taking along with it a decade or so of internet history. Frankly, the idea that kids today might grow up without the knowledge of Netscape, marquee tags, or embedded midis frightens me. Taking swift action, I managed to save a handful of great Geocities sites before the big closure, which I am preserving on a new subdomain - - so that the humble, tacky and wonderfully sublime world of 1990s web design may be saved for future generations.

Here's what I managed to save:

  • Morph Zone (from Jake's Animorph Site, formerly located here) - Remember Animorphs? They were the books that everybody read after Goosebumps and before Harry Potter that was also a TV show at one point. Check all these sick-ass morphin gifs!!!
  • Charles Bukowski Ate My Balls! (formerly located here) - Before All Your Base, Chuck Norris and lolcats, "       Ate My Balls!" was the big internet phenomenon/meme/whatever-you-call-it-now on the scene. Here is an example of a typical "ate my balls" site, starring famous writer Charles Bukowski.
  • THE REALM OF THE CITADEL - Jonathan Taylor Thomas Chamber (formerly here) - JTT!!! This tween (?) heartthrob was the crush of every girl until his mysterious disappaearance flying over the central Pacific Ocean. Come relive the JTT dynasty with this fansite featuring billion pictures of him and an embedded midi!
  • THE REALM OF THE CITADEL - Joseph Gordon-Levitt Chamber (formerly here) - Sure, you know him from Brick and 500 Days of Summer, but did you know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was once a sitcom teen heartthrob? It's true!
  • Dominic's Late Night with Conan O'Brien Shrine (formerly here) - It's cool that Conan and Andy are back together on The Tonight Show but it's good to remember where it all began
  • Magic Pat's Tricks (formerly here) - I have no idea who this Pat guy is, but his tricks are amazing!

More to come....???