December 17, 2010

delicious cloudsWell, the fate of my second-favorite web service, Delicious, is currently in limbo. Since 2005, I've been using it as a spare memory retainer, hoarding links so I don't forget about them. I assumed it was safe since the internet behemoth Yahoo! was footing the bill, but apparently the company needs to "sunset" all three of its bookmarking services so it can focus on its "core strengths" - presumably as soon as it figures out what those are. OK, sure, the Delicious community never really went beyond technophiles, librarians, and fanfic-writers, but I think a "bookmark on Delicious" button could have become as ubiquitous as the Facebook "Like" button had it given it a bigger push. Unfortunately, Yahoo! just let it languish instead of leveraging its full potential. I'm super-bummed, but hopefully Delicious will live on in some form.