January 31, 2011


Here is a compilation of rumored tech industry shakeups that are all but 100% guaranteed to happen in 2011, courtesy of Tech News Rumor Insider, the undisputed leader in tech news and rumors.
  • Google will acquire Tumblr and merge it with their flagging social network Google Buzz in order to boost usage

  • Apple will release an indoor grill just to see if their competitors follow suit

  • Facebook will open up a new revenue stream by acquiring Mint and selling users' credit card information

  • Foursquare will suffer a PR scandal after The New York Times reports on a string of serial killers using the location service to stalk their victims

  • The Windows Phone 8 operating system will be a fork of Android with Bing set as the default search engine

  • Yahoo! will make another foray into content production with the acquisition of the I Can Haz Cheezburger Network

  • Bowing to the pressures of the internet, Cahiers du Cinema will force its writers to summarize each film review with "WIN" or "FAIL"

  • The Wikimedia Foundation will unveil Wikipedia Plus, a premium service that will allow paid subscribers to access deleted material considered "too hot" for Regular Wikipedia

  • Twitter will achieve profitability by selling "Tweetshirts," t-shirts with Tweets screenprinted on them

  • bit.ly will be overtaken by the Winnie the Pooh-themed URL shortening service hun.ny

  • The actor portraying Samsung spokestween "Zoll" will be revealed to be 35

  • Ohio Art will release an Etch-a-Sketch iPad app, which will begin to outsell real Etch-a-Sketches within a year

  • MySpace will be sold off to McDonald's and renamed "McSpace"

  • Nintendo will launch a phone that lets you call up Yoshi