June 20, 2012

Oh hello! rubbercat.net is nine years old today! That's how old the kids on Hey Arnold! are! Wow! It seems like only yesterday that I made the first po... well, no, actually it feels like it happened exactly nine years ago, if not longer.

As you can see, I've made some slight redesigns and all that jazz! I also made a real, non-joke mobile version of the site located at rubbercat.net/m, but I have no idea if it actually looks decent on a smartphone since I didn't have one to test on... so let's just call it a beta for now, ok?

While I'm here I'd like to point out that I totally predicted Microsoft's new Surface tablet nearly three months ago as a throwaway joke. Take that, The Verge dot com! I was also the first person to write an article about Matt Groening quitting his comic strip Life in Hell five days ago, and the news is only just now trickling down to the lamestream media. Where's my Pulitzer?