July 30, 2019

👉 2020 Democratic Candidates as Disney Princesses 👸

I decided to rethink this tweet and turn it into a full-fledged page, please enjoy

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July 2, 2019

Imagining this:

but with all the various Pizza Hut mascots: Pizza Pete, Pizza Head, Cheese-kun, Hut Monster, and Pizza Hut Girl from the Phantom Menace tie-in

pizza pete pizza head cheese-kun hut monster Pizza Hut Girl
July 1, 2019

(via @metaltxt and andrew perez)

What the hell is going on with our nation’s wonks? Something has to be done about this

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June 25, 2019
new years teen

Some doodles from January including ideas for a comic about the New Years Baby that would check in on him during the rest of the year before he becomes Old Man New Year or whatever he’s called. So in spring he’d be a sullen teen, by July he’d be middle-aged, etc. He’d have the Year of the Dog as a pet and his friends would be personifications of other calendar systems. The problem was that I couldn’t think of an actual comic, oops

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June 19, 2019

Mallard Fillmore Watch


free electoral college for all

establishing your base

Bruce Tinsley’s Bernie Sanders cariacature is his Elizabeth Warren caricature with Trump’s hair. They’re all slowly merging into one. Just imagine the sheer efficency of having one caricature that can represent potentially anyone

May 21, 2019

thoughts on detective pikachu

  • Detective Pikachu didn’t constantly force Tim to look in his notebook and review clues for half the movie… very inaccurate to the source material!
  • Spoiler: People merging with Pokemon… this is a stealth prequel to The Pokemorph Stories
  • It’s wild that movie trailers can spoil movies that haven’t even been out a month now

April 30, 2019

Mallard Fillmore Watch

crippling student-loan debt

Bruce Tinsley has been doing strips about college students being saddled with debt for years if not decades now, so I have no doubt he’ll be an enthusiastic supporter of Elizabeth Warren’s plans to cancel student loan debt

April 29, 2019

I read this article about R. Crumb getting cancelled wherein pundit Jeet Heer claps back at the haters in a comment from eight years ago:

Anyone who can’t see the satirical (indeed outlandishly satirical) element of Angelfood McSpade has no business being a comics critic.…I think it is to Crumb’s credit that he is willing to implicate himself in his satires on racism—that he doesn’t see racism as cultural phenomenon outside of himself that needs to be condemned but as cultural legacies that pervasively shape his own sensibility and need to be confronted internally.

Then an hour later I came across a tweet by him highlighting a Problematic Opinion on a podcast with a helpful timestamp so the collective woke crowd can go “tsk tsk” at it. This pretty much sums up the past decade of the internet

April 29, 2019

Behold the power of Thanos

March 25, 2019

When your crossword constructor is Too Online

March 18, 2019

+1I liked Google+. It had a ton of problems like its initial crusade against pseudonyms, it never lived up to its early promise of “a better Facebook,” and Google Reader was axed in favor of it which destroyed blogs. However, I found a semi-active community that posted interesting links, and so it was neat to check in on and share something every once in a while. In this era of megaplatforms that are just overwhelming you with content, I think there is room for “mini social networks.”

March 10, 2019


honeycomb creature

Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Only a few episodes in. So far there’s a number of sketches where the premise is “what if working class slobs had a liberal arts education” which seems like the 1960s version of “Let’s intellectualize rap music!” message board threads

Downsizing – It’s fine. About a year ago I saw someone livetweeting it saying it was great and then followed up half an hour later about how it took a total nosedive. So I was waiting for some big awful twist that never really came

A Star is Born (1954) – I got a digital version of this as an apology gift for being a former Filmstruck subscriber (joke’s on them, I was only a participant in the free beta test!) which includes long-lost audio footage awkwardly inserted, which makes a long and tedious film slightly longer. It’s time to hashtag-cancel Judy Garland for her cultural appropriation song.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend – Conan O’Brien is such an incredibly funny guy in this podcast. I just wish a third of it wasn’t ads (they’re funny, but, y’know). The relatively few other podcasts I listen to are Patreon-supported so I’m not really sure: do all “mainstream” podcasts have this many ads?

Conan – I watched the first episode of the “revamped” half-hour show and the funny Conan from the podcast is nowhere to be found. It’s funny when talk shows make a big deal about GETTING RID OF THE DESK like it will solve all their problems.

OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes – This show is incredible. It “premiered” as a mildly entertaining phone game like a year before the show did and I kinda forgot there even was a show until the What A Cartoon podcast mentioned it was on Hulu now. I see Geneva Hodgson in the credits as a storyboarder/writer a lot; I’m so glad that the members of Cartoon Book Club are all extremely powerful now.

Sorry To Bother You – It’s very fun and entertaining but also a big mess. It’s like the writer got bored and started making a new movie with a new magical conceit every 20 minutes. For some reason it really annoyed me that there’s a character whose name is bleeped out just because it’s ~wEiRd~ or whatever.

Batman The Animated Series – 3 of the past 4 episodes I’ve seen feature people being transformed into genetic abominations (cat people, werewolf, Man-Bat). Just what was going on over at the studio…?

Snickers With Creamy Peanut Butter – I think they’re playing fast and loose with the abstract concept of a Snickers bar. Just how much can you alter a Snickers bar before it ceases to be a Snickers bar?

February 27, 2019

Very interesting!

February 8, 2019

holochess flight simulator squadron
circa 3267 LY 3311 LY

The quality of video games in the Star Wars galaxy took a serious nosedive after the demise of the Empire

January 31, 2019

🡆 Posts Flagged by Tumblr

I put together a page for the relatively few posts on my Tumblr that were flagged by their adult content algorithm. Sorry deviants but it looks like you’ll have to go elsewhere for your Steve Wozniak gifs.

The ban on adult content is disappointing and I’m sad to see some of the artists I was following leave because of it. I’m gonna keep using it though because I still find it useful as a “look at this thing I found” engine.

Tumblr was (is?) a great way to keep up with comics and illustrators and its customizable design is incredibly flexible. I don’t fully understand why artists seem to have migrated to Instagram which has similarly draconian policies and none of the flexibility. That’s just where the people are, I guess.

Edit (one hour later): I just logged in and they changed the color scheme from “pleasant” to “active assault on my eyeballs”… maybe I should rethink this “gonna keep using it” thing

January 20, 2019

I watched FYRE FRAUD on Hulu and learned about Fuck Jerry, which appears to be an Instagram account that mainly posts screenshots of stuff teenagers wrote on Tumblr or Twitter. And somehow they managed to parlay that into a million dollar PR firm???

This leads me to a new theory: You can summarize the past two decades of the internet by dividing it into four different “eras” defined by content aggregators: eBaum’s World, I Can Haz Cheezburger?, Buzzfeed, and Fuck Jerry.

January 11, 2019

Mallard Fillmore Watch


Mallard Fillmore bids farewell to President George “Home Work” Bush, who was the comic’s biggest fan:

Bruce Tinsley, creator of the conservative comic strip Mallard Fillmore, remembers feeling stunned when the fan letter showed up in February 1998. After all, his strip— featuring a right-leaning TV newsman or, more accurately, newsduck—was still in its relative infancy. Yet here was George Herbert Walker Bush declaring that he and Barbara turned to Mallard, “sage duck that he is,” first thing every morning. Even more gratifying, the former president thanked Tinsley for taking on “that horrible Doonesbury” and its creator, liberal icon Garry Trudeau, “a guy that tore me up in a vicious, personal way strip after strip.”

I didn’t realize Bush’s distaste for Doonesbury ran so deep until I read this article by Matt Taibbi. Nowadays newspaper comic strips are thought of as this weird relic of a bygone era so it’s wild to learn about, like, Mort Walker being ambushed by a feminist on Phil Donahue or that four panels could reduce The Most Powerful Man On The Face of the Earth into a fuming volcano of rage:

A few weeks later, the Doonesbury comic strip — which was a big deal in an age when everyone read newspapers — ran a cartoon playing on the theme of Bush’s “manhood problem.” Cartoonist Garry Trudeau had newsman character Roland Hedley Jr. doing a standup outside the White House, announcing, “In a White House ceremony today, Bush will formally place his embattled manhood in a blind trust.”

The Bush family never got over the Doonesbury thing. “He’s been reduced to a cartoon,” fumed son Jeb in a 1987 Newsweek cover story called “BUSH BATTLES THE WIMP FACTOR”…

After the “Wimp” cover, Doonesbury doubled down — among other things, depicting Bush as literally invisible, which caused the Bushes to overreact in historic fashion. Bush himself admitted in an interview that he wanted to “kick the hell” out of Trudeau dating back to 1984, and his sons George and Jeb actually reached out to the cartoonist, who was a Yale classmate of W. This is in Poppy’s recollection:

″Trudeau says to our son, ‘Well, I hope your family doesn’t take this personally.’ And George says, ’They don’t take it personally, but my brother (Jeb) wanted to come up and kick your ass all over New York.”

This all seems absurd now, but Bush spent the rest of his political career beating back the wimp/manhood thing.