April 11, 2018
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March 26, 2018
principal skinner giving a thumbs updale cooper giving a thumbs up
March 18, 2018
Credits to Vixen featuring three creator credits for Gerry Conway

The “Arrowverse” should really be called the “Gerryverse”

March 11, 2018

Mallard Fillmore Watch

preferred prounouns


libertarian conservatives


Boy, it sucks when people refuse to acknowledge your identity, doesn’t it

March 6, 2018

I’ve been watching Taxi lately and it’s pretty good, but seemingly every other episode isn’t available on legitimate streaming services, including the second half of a two-parter, I assume to protect DVD profits. “Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey” is apparently considered one of the greatest TV episodes of all time but good luck finding it online because it’s not on Hulu or the CBS app, and illegimate sources put the title on the wrong episode.

Speaking of old shows, I recommend Burns and Allen. Sure, it’s a domestic sitcom where the story usually revolves around misunderstandings, but it also had an interesting “meta” element, decades before “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show,” where George Burns has a television in his study, which he can turn on to watch the show and spy on scenes he’s not in. Sometimes he’ll mention something he learned to one of the characters and they’ll be spooked by his inexplicable omniscience. There’s one episode where he tells the audience that westerns are overtaking sitcoms in popularity, so he keeps trying to get the other characters to go with him to the ranch. Also, you’ll hear the name “Harry von Zell” a lot which is one of the coolest old-timey names. Unfortunately I think the only way to watch it is at weird times on MeTV.

February 18, 2018

I read this interview with a famous blog guy where he bemoans that blogs have lost their individuality so I checked out his blog and the first few posts I saw were written by some other guy???

February 12, 2018
boston dynamics robot tripping


I dunno why Photoshop tends to ignore whatever I put for the frame delay

February 5, 2018
that man is new in town
January 28, 2018
private petey

Beetle Bailey sucked shit but I have respect for the late Mort Walker’s dedication to the artform: developing a taxonomy of cartoon symbols, founding the National Cartoon Museum, and goofing around with Tom Gammill. Here’s a parody I drew circa 2007 for a zine I never got around to finishing.

January 21, 2018


Coca-Cola has released an app describing the company’s new “bespoke” typeface, TCCC Unity. It also features bios of the creative directors.

December 17, 2017

I never really used Miiverse that much but I liked the idea of having this niche social space dedicated solely to games. So, I made a separate game blog to archive my Miiverse posts and serve as a quasi-replacement where I can share screenshots, progress updates, videos and whatever else comes to mind.

The drawing feature will definitely be missed. Here’s four that I saved from other people, lest they be lost forever to the sands of time:




December 15, 2017

The last message I’ll ever send on AOL Instant Messenger

Thanks for all the good times

November 12, 2017
daredevil hot wheels car

Sorry if this is ableist but I don’t think Daredevil should be driving a car

November 8, 2017

Was not expecting Ralph Northam to win by such a large margin. One of his first general election ads was basically “Ed Gillespie says I haven’t attended 90% of meetings… well that’s because I was too busy being AN ARMY DOCTOR, A VMI GRADUATE…!” Just a weirdly defensive non-excuse over an issue nobody really cares about despite having a huge lead, which seemed like a bad omen as the race became about MS-13 and sanctuary cities and his lead shrank.

October 31, 2017
October 29, 2017

Mallard Fillmore Watch





Mallard Fillmore has been pretty consistent over the years: liberals are naive for thinking you can just will a certain group into being nice instead of taking action, liberals fail to see the real threat and will chide you for casting moral judgement, this feckless non-action of today’s liberalism would be absurd if applied to World War II, and Democrats are trivializing the Holocaust by calling everybody Nazis. Anyway, time to drink a big cup of coffee and read today’s strip…


Bruce Tinsley is horrified, not because Nazis are marching around in 2017 America, but because someone might fantasize about punching one. If you ever pretended to be Captain America or Indiana Jones when you were a kid, guess what, you’re a Nazi too! Somehow he’s become everything he used to mock.

Also, using your public platform to call your friends Nazis is such an alpha move. Who knows what new lows the strip will sink to once he’s completely alienated everyone around him?

October 19, 2017

Not to diminish his many crimes, but this lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein over some dumb cartoon movie I’d never heard of is hilarious. “Film executive doesn’t understand animation!” is sort of a given, but seeing the sheer incompetence detailed and laid out like this is illuminating. Some gems:

114. During this important meeting, Harvey Weinstein proceeded to fall asleep.

115. In fact, at this same meeting, and with his children present, Harvey Weinstein
attempted to consume an entire bowl of M&M candies despite being diabetic. When a TWC
executive sought to retrieve the bowl of candy out of obvious concern for Harvey Weinstein’ s health,
he fought to keep it, and in the tumult the M&Ms ended up scattered all over the floor. Then, instead
of watching the reel, Harvey Weinstein got down on his hands and knees and began eating M&Ms
off the floor.

145. Leech discussed the significant complications in using William Shatner as the voice
of Scorch Supernova, even if Mr. Shatner would have been interested in the role at a price that the
production could afford. In particular, the Creative Team did not want Scorch Supernova to
resemble Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story. Plaintiffs explained that they could not use
William Shatner because the character Buzz Lightyear was in fact a caricature of Captain Kirk, and
the voice Tim Allen used for Buzz Lightyear was intended as a comedic impression of Mr. Shatner’s

146. Weinstein appeared to understand. Nevertheless, after watching the story reel,
Weinstein stated in words or substance that “I love it. It’s great, and it will be even better when you
fix the character to look like Shatner.”

151. Moreover, despite Alec Baldwin’s having already turned down the role of Agent
Shanker, Harvey Weinstein sought to secure his services by offering less money than was first

152. TWC’s “strategy” was to reach out to Alec Baldwin through his publicist, as opposed
to his actual agent, Bryan Lourd, who is one of the preeminent agents at Creative Artist Agency, the
most powerful agency in Hollywood. Considering that Alec Baldwin had already rejected the
project, it was unsurprising that he turned it down again when TWC offered the role (a) for a second
time, (b) through Mr. Baldwin’s publicist, and (c) for less money.

159. Instead, at Harvey Weinstein’s direction, TWC proceeded to re-cast the entire movie.
To give just one egregious example, TWC determined that the Kevin Bacon deal — for $50,000 and
modest upside — was too expensive. TWC’s solution was to cut Kevin Bacon and then pay him
$25,000 not to be in a movie that he had agreed to do for $50,000. Such financially backward
decision making was standard operating procedure at TWC in connection with Escape.