A gif I made from a stream of Polygon's Brian Gilbert and Patrick Gill
Larger versions of some promo pics for my Simpsons episode guides


Pixel icon of Apu's niece Pahusacheta for the quotes page on rubbercat.net/simpsons. I was trying to match the style of the original ones made by Jeanette Foshee back in the 90s and failed miserably.


Screenshot for future use and then forgotten about until now

My takes on Google Stadia

(Modified from the post announcing Google Reader's demise which I will never forget or forgive!)

A couple shitposts I made when Matt Groening showed up in the Jeffrey Epstein documents

the virgin disney+ vs the chad hbo max
I think I was mislead by an article about how many Marvel movies were going to be on there.

Mario Kart Tour getting political...

I accept my fate