I felt this picture of a cat in a sink was missing something from the original sinkcat.jpg

Meme by @King_Klownzilla that I added to... there was a dumb moment from the 2020 primary where Joe Biden, who would disappear for days at a time, supposedly showed up in the comments (?) of an Instagram Live concert with the thumbs up emoji according to a senior advisor

Someone responded to this Trump tweet with "Donald Trump sounds like a slightly more racist version of an unnamed villager NPC" in 2016 and it's stayed in my head ever since

Gif of Hank Hill enjoying a delicious RC Cola

Tribute to a guy who loves Officer Judy Hopps

T-shirt idea

I watched Lucky Star and felt compelled to make this

Image for the listicle 17 Simpsons Characters Who Definitely Voted For Trump

Gif from You Don't Know What You're Doin'! (1931)

Image for the Simpsons episode The Man[ANNOYED GRUNT]lorian. I started watching The Sopranos and was surprised when Jon Favreau showed up.