EPISODE 2: The Flip-Flop Fiasco!

The U.S.S. Colin Powell Space Patrol soars through unchartered regions of outer space!

NORMAN Y. MINETA: What's wrong, Colin Powell?

COLIN POWELL: Oh, nothing, Norman Y. Mineta. I've just been doing a lot of thinking.

MINETA: Well that's a first, hyuck hyuck!

POWELL: I'm thinking of resigning from the Space Patrol.

MINETA: Gasp! But you can't resign... your name's in the title!!!

POWELL: This is no time for jokes, Norman Y. Mineta. After today, I'm hanging up my suit.

MINETA: But... but...!

POWELL: No buts, Norman Y. Mineta. The cosmos will just have to patrol themselves.

Meanwhile, the U.S.S.R. Taxachusetts careems erratically through the stars!

JOHN KERRY: Ha ha ha! Soon, my evil plan will be unfurled!

JOHN EDWARDS: Golly gee!

KERRY: A plan so great, so genius, that only I could come up with!

EDWARDS: Say... what is your plan?

KERRY: I'm not telling!


KERRY: Silence! Prepare the lasers!

EDWARDS: Yes, sir!

KERRY: This time... it's personal.


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