An animated photoshop I made of what is supposedly one of the world's first films


I went to Chuck E. Cheese's and they have this unabashedly phallic imagery on one of the machines so I just had to take this picture.


no comment


I think I've made at least 3 Marmaduke photoshops. This is probably the only good one. Marmaduke's face is really creepy


If the Internet was a series of tin cans connected by strings, this is what "the blogosphere" would look like


You can tell I'm not a guitarist because that should read "*guitar twang*" or something. I made this late at night, give me a break ok?


I couldn't get to sleep one night so I made this. Are you noticing a trend here?


Holy cats, apparently I made a whole series of ironically terrible photoshops like this back in mid-2005, only for some reason I never got around to posting them on here. It's probably for the better.


I submitted this to some "make t-shirts with slogans" deal


A failed attempt at creating a new internet meme: lolitacats.


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