My entry for a Wonkette blingee contest, except something weird happened when I tried to register an account so I don't think it actually got posted :[

That Freddie kid's got a nice way of talkin'

nobody likes you

cropped from an e-mail forward I got

Hey, you can use this as an avatar for a thing if you want.
This is an actual character from a 1970s "socially-conscious" Yogi Bear show

Another avatar

An "image macro"

Are deal with it macros still a "thing???" Well here's one anyway

Get it??? The Tex Avery wolf is exhibiting the male gaze at pioneer feminist film critic Laura Mulvey!!!
It works on so many levels!!!

From my election video. It came out looking a little washed out in the video :[

My fake Glee exclusive is now one of the top Google Image results for "simpsons glee." Yeah!!!!!!!!
I don't know who any of the characters are so I just went off some promo picture
I showed this to a gleek friend and she said she didn't recognize who some of them were supposed to be :[

David Foster Wallace & Gromit

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