June 21, 2003

Hooray, the first batch of the comedy explosion that is “Hog and Dog” is done!!!! Please go to the pictures section and check it out!!!

There’s not much here yet. The scanner isn’t working so a lot of the stuff I was planning for this won’t be done for a while. Meanwhile I shall use MS Paint to combat this problem! Just take a gander at this political cartoon I made!

I haven’t worked on From Here To Insanity for a week or two, but I do have some stuff planned including the next “Stickman”. In the meantime please e-mail stickman@rubbercat.net and ask our good friend Stickman a question or two for the upcoming “Ask Stickman!” section.

Also I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming Spike Lee television network. It’s going to be awesome: all Spike Lee movies all the time!!!!

I made a counter and I don’t know why