September 6, 2003

Last Thursday I got shampoo in my eye and I tried to get it out with a towel which just made it worse and I thought I was going to be blind so I made plans to get a monocle to put over my eye because I don’t want an eye patch because then kids would think I’m a pirate or something. It went away after an hour but I still want a monocle. I heard Big Thunder Mountain is going to be closed for an undetermined period of time. They weren’t kidding when they said it’s the wildest ride in the wilderness. I’m planning to go to the Animation Show sometime in two weeks when it comes to Pasadena. I hope it doesn’t get sold out. From Here To Insanity is all done but before I go to have it copied I have to number the pages and put a dumb little doodle on the contents page. Right now I’m trying find out how the hell to make an image map.