August 30, 2004
It's a banana-phone! Clever, eh?!
August 29, 2004
Today is the Internet’s 35th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY INTERNET!!!

Happy birthday Internet!!!


August 24, 2004

Some Random Thoughts and Observations

  • I could have sworn the lyric in “Safety Dance” was “everybody look at your pants” but I checked and it turns out it’s “everybody look at your hands”. Personally, I like “everybody look at your pants” better.
  • Danny Elfman is the greatest film composer ever
  • oh my god shampoo
  • I have a box of bubble gum and it says “bubble gum flavored” :confused:
  • Whoever is cluttering up the shoutbox with leetspeak is about to get a punch in the face courtesy of yours truly!!!
  • I did some slight redesigns on the From Here To Insanity section. See if you can spot them!!!
  • adlai stevenson
  • Last week I had the “tell me more, tell me more” song from Grease in my head for like three days
  • Some day I will write a book and then I will sell the book and then people will buy the book and they will read it and they will say “oh what a good book” and I will say “yes I know, I wrote it” and they will say “are you the author” and I will say “yes I am” and then they will give me all their moneys and I will have a billion dollars and I will buy a bowling alley and I will go bowling every night and I will invite my friends and cool people to bowl and people I won’t like won’t be able to bowl and they will file a class action lawsuit against me and my bowling alley and claim that I am segregating them but I will win the lawsuit because I would have a billion dollars and justice is only for the rich you see
August 12, 2004
August 7, 2004