November 12, 2004

Hello I am an important businessman

  • About a week ago I was walking and some guy walked past and muttered “seven” so naturally I assumed that he was telling me that I had seven days to live so I started worrying and preparing for my death but more than a week has passed so I guess it was all just a fluke
  • I was flipping channels and there was this cartoon on the Disney Channel about a dumb rabbit who was running for president of the jungle against a French lizard and it was the best Election 2004 allegory ever and some reporters asked the lizard what would happen if the lizard was elected and he said “unmitigated chaos” JUST LIKE when Dick Cheney talked about what would happen if voters made the “wrong choice” in November HOW CRAZY IS THAT
  • I got some thing in the mail that asks “Is Colorado College Right for You?” I didn’t even know there were colleges in Colorado
  • Holy Jesus the From Here To Insanity section just got a major redesign and the current issue is up and the other pages have been updated accordingly
  • If you’re wondering, progress on the next issue is very slow because secretly despise each and every person who reads it. Especially you.
  • I think the shoutbox is broken because I can’t see any messages made after Mark’s message so I put up a link to under it to see if that would fix anything but it didn’t so thanks a lot for breaking it, Mark!!! edit: ok it’s fixed now never mind