February 5, 2005

Did Aunt Frtizi fix your computer yet?

  • The Official “My Brother and Me” FAQ was posted last month and actually written about a year ago, I just didn’t mention it here on the main page. If you get the “reference”, you are a huge nerd.
  • Social Security
  • The Moof Page was updated with a page about Moofwear
  • I fixed some of the meta tags on various pages; you probably don’t know what that means
  • I will get around to “Hog and Dog” one of these days
  • Here is a preliminary schedule of upcoming Rubber Cat Productions stuff and by “preliminary” I mean “I won’t follow this timetable at all”:

    • From Here To Insanity #41 (online) – End of February
    • FHTI #42 (print) – End of March
    • FHTI #42 (online) – Mid-April
    • “omg lol”, a teen girl magazine parody (online) – May or June
    • FHTI #43 (print) – Early June
    • FHTI #43 (online) – Later June

  • More stuff in the “misc” section soon
  • I got 155 spam messages today in my G-Mail&#153. Now I have 50 invites. 50.
  • Man I’m tired