July 31, 2005

Some Random Thoughts and Observations (warning: lots of words)

  • Frankly, I prefer My Yahoo! to Google Personalized Home. Google’s layout is simple and refreshing but My Yahoo! simply has more info on my various RSS feeds like when a certain post was made as well as a link to the homepage of each and every RSS feed. RSS feeds are awesome because now I can check to see if my favorite “blogs” are updated without having to actually visit said blogs.
  • I tried starting my own fight club back in 2001. It was kind of fun at first but then after a while it just degenerated into a bunch of gay sex.

  • I liked those skits for Black History Month that they used to have where the main character wishes that there weren’t any inventions made by African-Americans and then he finds himself trapped in a world devoid of peanut butter and elevators and traffic signals.
  • Ugh I just found out that Yagoohoogle is gone… now where will I go when I need side-by-side search results from 2 major competing search engines?

  • Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, apparently.
  • So far I’ve been liking the recent “Classic Peanuts” story arc where the little red haired girl moves away. Speaking of comic strips I read this article a couple days ago that said that the cartoonist who does “Mallard Fillmore” has a wife who is a liberal civil rights lawyer and I was like “whoa

  • There is a comic book about future cyborg (I think) versions of Sean Hannity, Oliver North, and G. Gordon Liddy teaming up to save the world from “an
    Orwellian nightmare of United Nations dominated ultra-liberalism” coming out soon.

    future hannity
  • I am going to become a stand-up comedian, here is my routine: “hi I’m a misanthropic yet lovable loser with a slightly off-beat way of looking at the world who can’t seem to get any respect in this modern day and age and i am befuddled and baffled by modern technology, current events and social trends”.
  • People on a Simpsons message board were saying that this episode from last year where Marge and Homer were kids at summer camp is a “classic” but that was seriously one of the worst episodes of the past four years or so
  • Yesterday I watched the worst flash movie I have ever seen. It was 30 minutes of stick figures exploding. Apparently it was an “internet phenomenon” two years ago. ZEEKY BOOGY DOOG
July 30, 2005


oh shit

July 28, 2005

watch your step

July 27, 2005

Hog & Dog has been updated anew with thirteen new comics. In other Hog & Dog news, I have recently signed contract with Universal for the live-action/CGI movie adaptation, starring Rob Schneider and Billy Crystal as Hog and Dog, respectively. Chris Columbus is slated to direct.

July 18, 2005

I'm not even supposed to ne here todayA couple weeks ago I was watching North by Northwest on DVD and I turned on the audio commentary, which featured the screenwriter, this old guy, telling half-remembered anecdotes about the making of the film that he must have heard from someone else, in between long patches of silence. I turned it off after a half hour because that guy sucked and he was boring. Then he died like the next day, true story.

July 16, 2005

  • Here is a look at some HILARIOUS PHOTO[S]HOPS that I have made perhaps more will be added later!
  • I have replaced the old “contact” page with a meta page
  • There is now a Messages of Hope page at The Moof Page
  • I was looking over at and it says “new site new group new rules July 2005”. I wasn’t really aware that there were old rules but whatever

July 15, 2005


Good news, everybody! We won the War on Terrorism and now there won’t be any more terrorism!!!