November 24, 2005

Lost ANOTHER loan to Ditech!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Here are twelve new Hog and Dogs

November 19, 2005

Sneak Preview of My Upcoming Late Night Talk Show

haha thanks guys

we’ve got a really good show for you tonight

i know i say that every night but this time i mean it


ok whats in the news today

haha <celebrity> did something

<joke involving trait of celebrity>


November 11, 2005

listen man i just talked to the network

i got some bad news


somebody’s made a huge mistake


November 10, 2005

Oh hey I made another Anthropomorphic Republican Talking Duck

November 6, 2005

mondaysI’m going to open up a hipster joint where all you do is come in, sit down, and read that day’s installment of “Garfield”.

It will be post-modern-ironic, or something.

EDIT: pomony