December 30, 2005

Haha uhhh hey man haha hey uh wouldn’t it be hilarious if uh intstead of Christmas and all that we maybe celebrate “Festivus” haha it will be funny you know just like in that show Seinfeld haha didchever see that episode??? Haha it was hilarious you oughta see it one of these days haha its pretty funny I think they still show it in syndication or something haha anyway we can get an aluminum pole and it can be our little “Festivus Pole” haha its like the Festivus equivalent of a Christmas tree haha and then we’ll have our Festivus dinner haha I’ll cook up some meatloaf haha little “comfort food” for ourselves haha and then we’ll have the “airing of grievances” haha just like that part in the episode and then the feats of strength and we’re going to fight but not too hard okay haha my back is a little sore haha oh man I can’t wait it’ll be hilarious this will be the best Festivus ever haha