June 30, 2006


  • I watched a Felix the Cat cartoon in which he goes to outer space (“I like to travel, but this is ridiculous!!!”) and for some reason people hold celebrations with signs that say “RAY FOR FELIX”
  • Jed Kirchner hasn’t updated in a long time and I e-mailed him asking if he had died and he never replied
  • I kind of want to make a biopic of an offensive figure like the Piss Christ artist or maybe the South Park guys just so I could use the White Stripes’ “Offend In Every Way” for the end credits
  • I originally formulated this Truman Show fake-rant for this site but then I figured it might work in message board thread form so I changed a bunch of stuff around and posted it. If you are looking for it, you can find it in the Comedy Goldmine
  • I don’t know which ad campaign I hate more, Apple’s “I’m a PC and I can only do pie charts!/And I’m a Mac and only I can do fun stuff like looking at photos or listening to music” or Microsoft’s “if you still use earlier versions of Office, you might as well be living in the Stone Age!!!”

  • Norman Y. Mineta, U.S. Secretary of Transportation and wisecracking robot sidekick in Colin Powell Space Patrol announced his retirement last week