July 30, 2006


GameLife Video Game Review (link)– Have you ever wondered what a show about video games hosted by two incredibly socially awkward nerdy kids would be like? I’ve never actually watched this all the way through because after watching 5 minute snippets I have to turn it off because I’m just filled with embarrassment for the both of them

B With Money (link)– A salute to small town life featuring beats from Ice Cube

Page 2 or Teenage Love and Alienation in 1969 Long Island (link) – This is a low-budget black and white film with no dialogue that, despite having been used by child guidance professionals to foster discussion in the 1970s, is a lot more authentic than any John Hughes film.

Stile and Lowtax (link) – Internet luminaries Stile and Lowtax say hello to the world

mr. crusher, set course for makeout hill

How Much Affection? (link) – As far as the 1950s educational filmstrip genre goes, this is probably one of the better ones. I get the slight sense that the director was really ambitious but had his/her creativity shafted by the soul-crushing prison of McGraw-Hill Book Co.’s film division.

Flat Life (link) – This is a pretty neat cartoon I guess!

Spike Jonze-directed Al Gore Campaign Video (link) – I like Spike Jonze and I like Al Gore and this video seems to have a fairly decent amount of both as well as a photo of the latter dressed up like Frankensteins Monster.

GARBAGE DAY (link) – What else is there to say?