September 10, 2006
I read Newsweek this week and

When you sit with O’Donnell in her sprawling, sunny kitchen, she really does seem like an instant best friend. She’s clearly a lot happier now than she was when she packed up four years ago. She’s tanned and relaxed and she looks downright lovely in her photo-shoot makeup and a T shirt that reads “I Am Art.” Apparently, she looks pretty awesome underneath, too. She just filmed an episode of “Nip/Tuck” in which she plays a lottery winner who splurges on a makeover. Naturally, Rosie had the obligatory sex scene with Julian McMahon. “There was this part where they could see my tube top and finally I just said, ‘I’ll pull it down.’ And he said, “Nice t–s.’ I said, ‘Thank you. You’re getting the best view’,” Rosie says. “He’s my new Tommy.”