November 24, 2006
Maybe this wasn’t the best time for Kramer to get a Myspace

Nov 23 2006 8:18A

YOU ROCK! I perform in school and stuff and I HATE People who interupt me. I just wanna walk up to them and slap them in the face and say “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU CAN’T YOU SEE THERE’S SOMEONE UP THERE!!!”. And the media blew it up. I suppor your decision!

Nov 22 2006 11:27P

Yo, Michael Richards! Don’t know if this is your actual account, but I just wanted to say that I have alot of more respect for you…People can be really ignorant…Keep your head up…

Nov 21 2006 4:04P

well i cant blame u for ur mishap at the club but as i may think it waz an accident i guess u had 2 much on ur mind so u made fun of that guy which is wrong but we all know u apologised

Nov 21 2006 3:12P

you’re alright in my book K man

Nov 21 2006 12:09P

Geez…What’s up man..if you need to talk…Buddy is here for you man..

Buddy Cake