February 22, 2007


February 15, 2007

Mallard Fillmore Watch

From the looks of it, it appears the Mallard Fillmore guy got drunk again so they had to rerun a strip from 2004
February 10, 2007
bite me

Here are 102 jokes about sharks for your reading pleasure

February 9, 2007
Well it looks like I’m the man now, dog:

Who would do such a thing?

author: Scottish-Weebl – site profile
votes: 3.72 stars
image: found it somewhere
sound: Super Mario 2 (Edited)
keywords: Super Mario 2 Rubber Cat Cat Cats

Thanks I guess???

NOTE: True rubber cat aficionados will no doubt note that the image contained in the site is actually a modification of the “real” gif so that it tiles better. Observe:

Original animation by cornbeef:

You’re The Man Now Dogified:

February 4, 2007

Well uh I guess everything’s working

Although it’s kind of annoying that they got rid of the thing that tells you what percentage has been published

February 3, 2007

OK I’m switching to the new Blogger because I’m tired of seeing the big message telling me to do so. Let’s hope nothing breaks

Also Fake Steve Jobs started blogging again which makes my eulogy sound even lamer than it already was

February 1, 2007

Wait so why did the cartoon network try to blow up boston???