August 29, 2007
August 25, 2007
Possibly the best thing in the world
August 24, 2007


You know what the world needs right now? Less steampunk and more stonepunk

August 21, 2007

I fixed my links page today, weeding out all the sites I don’t visit anymore and adding new ones and changing the font and stuff. I think it looks quite nice now. I don’t remember what this image is from but it’s one of my favorite images on the internet

August 17, 2007
onion ring
YouTube: 1970 Jack In The Box Animated Commercial

What the hell is the deal with the 1970s??

August 9, 2007
August 7, 2007

If you are a BIG NERD like me you might be interested in this. A friend over at Fox Home Entertainment faxed me over a press release listing all the features that are going to be on The Simpsons Movie DVD, as well as some preliminary artwork, after some mild threatening on my part. For your convenience, I’ve put them all on a webpage here: Of particular interest is the list of deleted scenes; while this list is currently incomplete (more may be added in the coming months), it is the most concise list currently publicly available anywhere. Please note that since the DVD is currently a work in progress, some of the features are subject to change.