September 7, 2007


After playing a handful of interactive fiction games, I’ve decided that one of my life’s goals should be to write at least one text adventure/interactive fiction game. I downloaded an interactive fiction maker thingy but it looks incredibly complicated. If I ever get my shit together, you just might be able to play one or more of these four games:

  • Ted Kennedy Senate Adventure!

    Explore the Capitol Building, do some legislatin’, and try to get through your day despite your massive hangover.
  • President Ron Paul and the Invisible Hand of Capitalism: Constitution Defenders

    Try to prevent as many “market corrections” as you can after you dismantle the FDA! Replace paper money with the gold standard and try to avoid another Great Depression! Vote no on divesting taxpayer money from businesses that are funding genocide!
  • Interactive Fan Fiction: Arrested Development
    Ride around on a Segway, run a banana stand and board vans full of homosexuals all while trying to keep your family together.
  • Interactive Fan Fiction: The Office
    >flirt with pam
    >look at camera
    >make sarcastic remark