December 28, 2007


Dear Shareholders,

2007 has been a pretty good year for and my other internet-related pursuits. Among the highlights:

  • I edited together a video, wonder years, and put it on YouTube. At one point it was #99 in the Top 100 comedy video for one day or something (I forgot what it was exactly and neglected to take a screenshot, so I have no proof). Somehow it made its way onto a now-defunct Wired blog.
  • I made a page listing fake features of the Simpsons Movie DVD for my joke Simpsons site, which made the rounds through some corners of the Internet – mostly Simpsons and DVD message boards – including Frederator Studios Blog. It also made its way onto real movie site JoBlo, which thought it was real at first and then later posted a correction stating that even though the page had been “posted on a real SIMPSONS site,” they had been had by an unfunny joke “that this dude thought would be hilarious.”
  • Somehow just having a Simpsons-related site makes you privy to the occasional e-mailed press release, which explains one I got from an NBC Universal PR Coordinator announcing the forthcoming Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios. Does that make me a member of the Fourth Estate?
  • Since midyear, I’ve been a contributor to the Forum Fridays section of Something Awful. Basically, I read a message board about TV and then tell you what threads are worth checking out and make a few lame jokes. Even though it’s not a widely-read section, being on the same webspace with people like internet funnyman Zack Parsons is humbling.
  • My occasional Mallard Fillmore parody, Anthropomorphic Republican Duck, was rediscovered by SA forumgoers and it appears to have achieved its peak of popularity.

If forecast projections are accurate (see attached charts), should be able to make its first online acquisition sometime in the next fiscal year.

Yours Truly,


CEO and Proprietor

December 18, 2007

Subject: aztec theatre
From: papamook

for some reason I spotted the Aztec Theatre in the background to the simpsons movie, why?

why was it there? and, why did I spot it? why do I recognize it?

please help,


December 15, 2007

Several times a day I suddenly remember that Ron Paul has a blimp and I laugh a little bit to myself

December 12, 2007

I love Peanuts and all, but I’m ashamed to admit that I never “got” the whole Red Baron thing


check it out it’s a dog who thinks he’s a world war I fighter pilot



December 6, 2007


5. Tom Tancredo: Foreigners Are Coming Take Our Jobs And/Or Kill Us – VOTE TOM TANCREDO…… BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

4. Lyndon Johnson: Daisy Girl – Basically the same as the Tancredo ad, but with more class.

3. Ron Paul: New Hampshire TV Ad #1 – This ad for Bioshock villain Ron Paul feels like some basic cable commercial for a new miracle pill you should ask your doctor about. HE’S CATCHIN ON, IM TELLIN YA

2. Ronald Reagan: Bear in the Woods – Vote for Ronnie Reag because he will stop The Bear Epidemic. The Bears, they are Metaphors. He will fight the Bear. If there is a bear????

1. Club For Growth PAC: Howard Dean – I’m not sure how “latte-drinking” and “sushi-eating” became pejorative insults but this culture-warmongering ad is hilarious.