December 6, 2007


5. Tom Tancredo: Foreigners Are Coming Take Our Jobs And/Or Kill Us – VOTE TOM TANCREDO…… BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

4. Lyndon Johnson: Daisy Girl – Basically the same as the Tancredo ad, but with more class.

3. Ron Paul: New Hampshire TV Ad #1 – This ad for Bioshock villain Ron Paul feels like some basic cable commercial for a new miracle pill you should ask your doctor about. HE’S CATCHIN ON, IM TELLIN YA

2. Ronald Reagan: Bear in the Woods – Vote for Ronnie Reag because he will stop The Bear Epidemic. The Bears, they are Metaphors. He will fight the Bear. If there is a bear????

1. Club For Growth PAC: Howard Dean – I’m not sure how “latte-drinking” and “sushi-eating” became pejorative insults but this culture-warmongering ad is hilarious.