February 5, 2008

The time it takes to create the stuff I put up on here varies. Sometimes it only takes a matter of hours, as with The Simpsons Movie DVD Details; other times it takes a few weeks, as with the second installment of Colin Powell Space Patrol. There was one page that I wanted to put up shortly after the start of rubbercat.net back in June 2003, except I never got around to finishing it. It was supposed to be a hilarious faux history of the Cola War, with a paragraph accompanying each photo, but I pretty much only got around to making some of the photoshops, which are downright cringe-worthy. I’m positive the date at the bottom is inaccurate, because it predates the site, but I figured I’d show you the page in all its shitty, unfinished glory on its supposed fifth anniversary.

THE COLA WAR: The War in Pictures