March 2, 2008


  • Former top web browser Netscape is going away, which is probably a move five years overdue. Nevertheless, it represents the final death knell for “web 1.0.” My earliest memories of the Internet are interwined with Netscape. In elementary school they’d take us to the computer lab, not only to play Oregon Trail, but also to make us “click on the big N” (I don’t think they ever referred to programs by name) to go to Yahooligans so we could do some “research” or something. A year or two ago, I was trying out a bunch of different browsers to figure out which one was the best for me and I downloaded Netscape for nostalgia purposes, but it turned out to be the worst browser in the universe. Good riddance.
  • I found this Simpsons site the other day. I dig all the little pixellated pictures on this site. The thing I like about sites like this are their utter sincerity. All you needed back in those days was a handful of <font> and <br> tags and bam, you had a webpage. There’s something romantic about that.