March 3, 2008

NOTICE: I’m going to try to fix some of the technological Blogger quirks that have been annoying me today. This is going to take some time. Things might not be working for a while. Apologies in advance in case I accidentally delete the site.

12:23 AM: Blogger interpreted “create a new page for each monthly archive” as “create five new pages”

12:27 AM: No idea what this means: /www/www/2006_11_01_archive.html Connection closed without indication.

12:31 AM: oh hey is does terminal got

12:44 AM: Up to six now. Christ

12:53 AM: I changed the template but it didn’t republish any pages

1:07 AM: This isn’t working. I’m going to bed, maybe things will work better tomorrow

6:16 PM: Oh hey! Almost forgot about this

6:52 PM: Everything appears to be in order. I am going to fix the archives index page now.

7:04 PM: Our long national nightmare is over.

Here’s what’s different: Everything – this page you’re looking at now, the archive pages, the index page – is in the same directory now. This means if you’re reading this in an RSS reader it will actually link to the post instead of a 404 page. Also the dates on each post are now permalinks so you can link to posts now. I’m sure all of this really means a lot to you.