August 31, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain has withdrawn Sarah Palin as VP nominee and replaced her with Samuel Alito… Developing…

August 27, 2008


“a giant batch of chocolate chips are about to crash into the fans, what should we do???”

“why don’t you let the chips hit the fan”


August 25, 2008
this panel is unnecessary

Everybody’s favorite comic strip, Hog & Dog, has been updated with thirteen new installments, including the 200th strip. The astute reader will note that most of these were made in March, hence the multiple references to early 2008.

August 24, 2008

we’re getting a text message from the obama campaign

patch it through

hey this is joe biden

aw fuck

just wanted to let you know torture is illegal and im gonna be all over your ass if i find you torturin' when im vp

txt u l8r qt 😉


August 23, 2008


August 18, 2008
press the red button, sun goes down
August 17, 2008


R: go back to camp

B: they kicked me out because i wet my pets

B: uh

B: pants

K: you wet your pets?

K: sick fuck

R: oh my god

R: i’ve been waiting all night

R: for the right segway for this story

P: a) segway

P: b) segue

A: segue, idiot GOD

P: c) either a or b

P: d) neither

P: e) branndi

K: scooter

K: E!

R: i’m talking about a segway you condescending jerks

R: ok segue

R: who cares

R: anyway i accidentally pissed on my dog this morning
August 11, 2008

The print section, which catalogues most of our print publications, is now live, although the links are not yet active. Take a look!

August 5, 2008

alright so long story short 3 months ago I got a press invitation to the opening of the simpsons ride at universal studios hollywood (back before it burned down) because apparently my joke simpsons site makes me a member of The Media or somethin’. I took some some pictures of “famous people” on the “yellow carpet” from behind a bunch of photographers from the Real Media and also some clowns and stuff. you can check ’em out here on this flickr (??) photostream (??) set thing

featuring guest appearances from anna nicole smith’s baby’s father, bart simpson, matt groening, james l. brooks, some clowns, fred willard, and pre-heart attack kelsey grammer