February 22, 2009

listen to socks meow or read a transcript

When I was in elementary school I wrote a letter to the White House asking if they had any Socks the Cat slammers which, thank god, I never sent. I’m not really sure why I thought that the executive branch would have slammers, let alone slammers emblazoned with the image of the president’s cat, but I guess I just assumed that if Knott’s Berry Farm had pogs, surely the White House would too.

Now that I think about it, Socks was basically my entry into the world of government and poltics. Everybody rags on the inanity of the White House’s annual “Barney Cam,” which featured Bush’s dog Barney getting into wacky misadventures during the holidays, but that kind of thing is important to a kid. It humanizes the president, who is otherwise just another boring guy on TV.