March 30, 2009


We at know that Americans’ joke budgets are being stretched thin. In solidarity, please enjoy the follow jokes about Our Current Economic Situation at a heavily discounted price.

  • “i’m too big to fail” – said by a fat man
  • “the economy is so bad even some of the kardashians have been downsized” – a depressed talk show host
  • “i have a package that could use some stimulating” – a lecherous uncle to his young nubile niece
  • “the g in aig stands for greed. i can’t decide what the other two letters should stand for” – an old man at a bus stop to nobody in particular
  • Thank You and God Bless

    March 26, 2009

    Now that The Office has a Neil counterpart (Charles Miner), the only remaining character from the BBC version without an American counterpart is Weird Janitor Who Just Stares At The Camera. MAKE IT HAPPEN, OFFICE WRITERS.

    March 24, 2009

    I was looking through this dream journal that I occasionally keep for a series of DREAM TWEETS and found this entry dated 9/13/2007 that I’d completely forgotten about:

    Conan O’Brien was talking to people at one of his factories; he informs them that from now on the official Conan O’Brien socks will not be made out of cotton, and will be from Malaysia. This makes his popularity go way down. During one show he pretends to kill himself during one of his “string” dances – he cuts the “string” from his right arm and pantomimes wrapping it around his neck and then just hangs there for a few seconds.

    My subconscious is a weird place to be

    March 22, 2009



    (turns out i was wrong)

    March 20, 2009

    man, that special olympics crack was a pretty… retarded thing to say
    March 1, 2009

    Here’s something from 2003 that was never linked on the “Misc” page… until now!!