July 13, 2009

google used to be cool but now it’s just annoying

gmail: HELL YEAH

google maps: this is real cool! i’ll never use mapquest again

personalized home/igoogle: i didn’t know i wanted this but apparently i do. thanks google!

google talk: dang this is pretty cool but kind of clunky and also nobody uses it so there’s no real point

google video: this is real nice, maybe secretly better than youtube?? oh, you bought youtube? well i guess you can still have google video as a place for videos longer than 10 minutes, or a repository for documentaries and stuff, or maybe an itunes-like marketplace for downl… oh you’re cutting off uploads? well ok then

google checkout: might be worth checking out, but i’m kind of wary of giving you my credit card number (nothing personal)

street view: uhhh this is weird but also really cool

google health: this doesn’t seem to have a point and giving up my health information is really weird but i’ll use this maybe?

google friend connect: seems kind of neat but unnecessary?

web browser: i thought firefox was basically the google browser since you employ a bunch of mozilla people and stuff? but the comic book makes it seem rockin so i’ll give it a shot. wait, windows only?

google voice: ok your insatiable need to have control over all my information is creepy now. i shant be using your service

google latitude: no

google wave: what the fuck is this???

operating system: god just stop it already