August 17, 2009
sartre bleu!As a responsible webmaster, it is my duty to learn how people are finding so I can better serve them. Every hour of every day I take a look into the search logs (is that the right word? who knows) to see which queries people have typed into search engines, queries where pops up as one of the results. In December 2005 I compiled a list of some of the funnier ones. Now, with the addition of two things that people apparently enjoy searching for – a Simpsons fansite and a page containing 102 jokes about sharks – the queries have gotten approximately 50% funnier, and today I have decided to share some of them with you. Please enjoy this second round of search queries made over the past eight months, including the cryptic phrase “caricature of a man with hat hat dandy.” In other site developments, the text section is now sporting new link colors and font faces. EXCITING!!!