October 15, 2009
t.v. thoughts

Man I’m so pumped for 30 Rock tonight!! Thursdays are like a big tv party night (alright!) for me now and it only slightly depresses me to admit that. I just got my hands on John Ortved’s Simpsons tell-all book and it is pretty great so far. The Tonight Show has been feeling more like Late Night lately, although they haven’t done anything quite as Late Nighty as this or this. “David Letterman sex scandal” is a phrase that should not exist. The Geico gecko commercials originated with the gecko being mad because people kept mistaking him for Geico but now he works for Geico so wouldn’t that just make things worse for him??? The implicit message of those High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Good For You commercials appears to be “fuck you, you’re an idiot, corn rulz.” The best moment in Pete & Pete is when Bus Driver Stu goes to talk to a man, realizes he’s a scarecrow, and says “You are straw.” Comedy Central’s Secret Girlfriend is almost tolerable if you pretend the protagonist is the meatheaded son of the protagonist in Bright Lights, Big City. This post took like a week to write.