March 31, 2010
2 kingsSo a handful of e-mails from YouTube’s early days have become public thanks to the Viacom-YouTube lawsuit, and I find them incredibly fascinating. Given how huge and world-changing YouTube’s become, it’s amusing how humble its origins were – just a couple of slacker-sounding dudes trying to compete with lame, long-forgotten video dump sites like eBaum’s World and [?], with hopes of getting bought by a big company like Turner. I especially like how cavalier they are about The Site’s Mission: “yeah, let’s change the way people use video on the internet, whatever. but in the meantime let’s leave up those budlight commercials”
March 27, 2010

You know, as far as trailers for movies about talking animals go, the trailer for THE MARMADUKE MOVIE is miles above the trailer for Alvin & the Chipmunks where Alvin literally put poop in his mouth

March 26, 2010

Been thinking about making some big changes to… like maybe moving the menubar on top of the page…. nah that’s too crazy… or is it….

March 25, 2010
i live in washington now, update yr rolodexes
March 25, 2010


(drawn january 2007)

March 20, 2010

circa 2009

March 17, 2010
internet in a box

Back in the old days, the internet used to come in boxes

March 16, 2010

january 2007
March 16, 2010
Hope you enjoy looking at doodles and scans from magazines, because that’s probably all you’ll be getting for the next couple weeks while I move to another state
March 14, 2010

(cross-posted from IN THE NEWS)


IN THE NEWS, the news section of the beloved award-winning Simpson’s fansite, is proud, albeit modestly, to announce its major refurbishment! In moving from Blogger to Movable Type, IN THE NEWS has been completely redone to look like a somewhat presentable website. Here a look at the changes:

  • Small images have been added to most every post to make them look interesting, and a handful of youtubes have been embedded. I don’t know why I was so averse to including pics & vids on this thing
  • Individual post pages instead of awkward jump-to-an-entry monthly archives
  • Archives are searchable! Now you can find out every time Utit Choomuang has been mentioned (zero so far)/
  • Categories are now clickable! I could never figure out how to style tags with Blogger
  • There are a handful of posts from the first few months that I deleted because they were just me quoting a bunch of paragraphs from utterly uninteresting articles without adding commentary or context or jokes, which made me feel really parasitic.
  • More jokes added and old bad jokes have been tweaked to make them funny
  • Fresher news on the home page since I don’t have to do that manually now

The End


March 10, 2010
I can’t decide which TV announcer I hate more, the Bravo guy whose voice alternates between a mono answering machine and a STEREO MEGAPHONE or the Seth Green-type slacker bro who does Fox’s ANIMATION DOMINATION block
March 5, 2010

this is me whenever i make a rad tweet

March 4, 2010

circa 2009
March 1, 2010
welcome back jay