May 31, 2010
obama’s katrina
May 31, 2010
PCs are still relevant, Microsoft executive says
May 29, 2010

Nickelodeon used to have a cable channel called GAS where they’d basically just play all their old game shows from the 80s-90s. One of these shows was called Get the Picture, hosted by Mike O’Malley (who would later become the host of GUTS). I saw this moment around 2002 or 2003 and I’ve been talking about it to anyone who’ll listen. Finding a clip of it on YouTube would be like finding the Holy Grail for me.

mike o’malley
(paraphrased from memory)

MIKE O’MALLEY: Name a #1 George Michael song.1

CONTESTANT #1: *names a song*

CONTESTANT #2: *names a different song*

NERDY-LOOKING BOY: *does some embarrassed hemming and hawing*

MIKE O’MALLEY: *tells him to say it*

NERDY-LOOKING BOY: (blushing profusely) “I Want Your Sex”

AUDIENCE: *goes crazy!*

MIKE O’MALLEY: *doesn’t appear to know what to do* Judges…?

AUDIENCE: *continues going crazy*

MIKE O’MALLEY: It’s okay to say it… *looks at camera, gives lets out an exaggerated sigh of relief* Whew!

NOTES: 1 I think this was the category/question, but Wikipedia says “I Want Your Sex” was never a #1 single, so either it was just “name any George Michael song,” or they didn’t accept the kid’s answer. Or maybe they felt sorry for him and accepted it anyway.

May 27, 2010

argh why must everything be 3-D and lame

May 26, 2010

Despite centering around an undersea mafia, there are no “sleeping with the fishes” jokes in the animated film Shark Tale.
May 24, 2010

MAY 24
4:57 PM

so i guess this is it huh

looks like it

where do we go from here

iono… wherever life takes us i suppose

i still got my ameritrade commercials. what about u?

im a dog in the marmaduke movie


got someithig to say punk???

no i was just wondering…. do u think i could get in on that

i can do a pretty good fred basset impression

….ill ask around

g2g ttyl


May 22, 2010

google sidebarI really like Google’s redesign! The search results look like candy now! Although isn’t using talk balloons three times (see left) seem kind of repetitive? Maybe we should stop inventing new web mediums until we all decide on what icons will be used for them. Kids in ten years aren’t going to “get” why save buttons have an image of a floppy disk on them. As things get abstracter, points of physical reference diminish and icons just get more confusing (i.e. what the hell is this??) So why not just use random objects? Let’s all agree to use a slinky to represent “updates.” Bam. Done.

May 21, 2010

Let it be known that MS Paint Adventures owns

May 16, 2010

thefacebookI read the script for the Facebook movie that’s floating around online, and I think it’s a good read (Aaron Sorkin excels at writing assholes), though it’s too soon to tell if it’ll be a good movie. It kinda comes off as a lamer, internet-generation version of There Will Be Blood mixed with the “string-of-anecdotes” feel of The Late Shift.

Also, is it weird this Zuckerburg guy’s story is getting a theatrical release, while Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are relegated to basic cable?

May 13, 2010


team wood   team kagan

May 13, 2010

wikipedia klingon



May 12, 2010

catboxI have a pretty low opinion of comment sections, and I don’t like to think of this page as a blog, which is why I don’t have comment sections on individual posts (plus, I don’t think seeing “0 comments” over and over would be good for morale). As far as I’m concerned, is a one-way conduit of information, with none of this participation horsewash. But I figured there should be at least one interactive thing, so since the site’s inception I’ve included a guestbook (technically “shoutbox” but let’s call it what it really is), which about ten or eleven of you have used. Originally I used a shoutbox from some German or Danish site which eventually broke or something, which I then replaced by a nicer one which I somehow accidentally deleted a couple days ago while tinkering around with things. After testing Google Friend Connect and something called Intense Debate (both of which suck, fyi) I’ve replaced it with DISQUS, which is very nice, allows you to sign in with twitter or facebook (there was also an openid option which I disabled because wtf) and best of all was free. Only drawbacks: there’s some useless cruft (who in the world has ever subscribed to an rss feed for a comment section??) that I can’t seem to get rid of, and there’s no smileys :-O

Comment away!!! or don’t

see if i care

May 11, 2010

david cameronThe Sunday Times (7/27/2008):

Then the schedule and the bodyguards closed in and off he shot a few hundred yards down the road to the Palace of Westminster, where David Cameron, the Tory leader, was determined to have his share.

The two met outside in New Palace Yard. The senator placed a hand on Cameron’s shoulder, and Cameron gestured up at Big Ben, an image of old and new, power and changing times that probably had Brown gnashing teeth and biting nails all at once.

Cameron rammed home the point that he’s the same sort of new kid on the block by giving Obama a selection of CDs by the Smiths, Radiohead and Gorillaz.

The new Prime Minister is a 15 year old who makes mixtapes for his girlfriend (Obama)

Let’s let that sink in for a moment

May 11, 2010

Q: Who was the dentist’s favorite tween pop star?

A: Smiley Cyrus lol

May 9, 2010

mad magazine may 2010Two months ago I went through my Mad magazine collection and threw most of them out, ashamed I had subscribed to it way longer than I should have. Even at 13 I realized it was subpar compared to the 70s era Mad collection my late uncle had left behind, but it had its moments. I wouldn’t call it terrible… just kind of embarrassing once you’ve left its target demographic. Anyway, I bought the newest issue out of curiosity and nostalgia, and it’s pretty much the same as it was seven years ago, for better or worse. Ward Sutton appears to have become a contributor and his work in the “The 38 Worst Things About Late Night TV” owns. Tom Richmond is still banging out wonderful-looking art. Plus they finally dropped “Monroe,” which was pretty much the worst thing. However, the cover is pretty unimaginative (LBJ: We’ve lost Cronkite! Obama: We’ve lost Alfred E. Neuman!), one article is reprints of stuff from 1969, and another article reprints Dave Berg strips with twisted~twisted~twisted alterations. It’s bewildering that they have to resort to these filler articles when they only come out four times a year now – shouldn’t they be overflowing with material? I guess they gotta make do, what with print dying and the economy in shambles. I wish you well, Mad magazine. Please don’t become a linkbaiting listicle site like Cracked.

May 1, 2010
kirk is a jerk