May 9, 2010

mad magazine may 2010Two months ago I went through my Mad magazine collection and threw most of them out, ashamed I had subscribed to it way longer than I should have. Even at 13 I realized it was subpar compared to the 70s era Mad collection my late uncle had left behind, but it had its moments. I wouldn’t call it terrible… just kind of embarrassing once you’ve left its target demographic. Anyway, I bought the newest issue out of curiosity and nostalgia, and it’s pretty much the same as it was seven years ago, for better or worse. Ward Sutton appears to have become a contributor and his work in the “The 38 Worst Things About Late Night TV” owns. Tom Richmond is still banging out wonderful-looking art. Plus they finally dropped “Monroe,” which was pretty much the worst thing. However, the cover is pretty unimaginative (LBJ: We’ve lost Cronkite! Obama: We’ve lost Alfred E. Neuman!), one article is reprints of stuff from 1969, and another article reprints Dave Berg strips with twisted~twisted~twisted alterations. It’s bewildering that they have to resort to these filler articles when they only come out four times a year now – shouldn’t they be overflowing with material? I guess they gotta make do, what with print dying and the economy in shambles. I wish you well, Mad magazine. Please don’t become a linkbaiting listicle site like Cracked.